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Angry Mama Microwave Steam Cleaner


Let this eco-friendly Angry Mama make your life easier!
  • INNOVATIVE AND FUN ADDITION TO YOUR CLEANING SUPPLIES: This fun and helpful Angry Mama is an easy way to naturally steam clean the inside of your microwave. An excellent gift for yourself, new homeowners,  neighbors or a friend who has recently shifted. This Steaming Mama is the ultimate addition to your kitchen cleaning supplies!
  • EASILY CLEANS TOUGH AND DIRTY STAINS FROM THE MICROWAVE: Just add vinegar and water then microwave for 7 minutes. Hot steam comes out of Steaming Mama's head to soften and release microwave dirt and stains for fast and easy cleaning.
  • ADD LEMON FOR A PLEASANT SCENT: Not only can you prevent gunk build-up on the inside of your microwave with this simple no-brainer solution, you can also add lemon juice or essence to the vinegar cleaning mixture to leave a fresh fragrance in your newly cleaned microwave.
  • THE FRESH STEAMY DETAILS: The Steaming Mama features stay-cool arms for safe removal from the microwave. Cleaning is a breeze because the Steaming Mama is dishwasher safe!
  • JUST 3 SIMPLE STEPS: 1) Remove Angry Mama’s hair. 2) Add vinegar and water to the fill lines. 3) Attach Angry Mama’s hair back and place it into your microwave.
  • FRESHEN UP YOUR REFRIGERATOR WITH COOL MAMA:  Just add baking soda or vanilla and drive out those unpleasant odors.


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