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Solar System Natural Stone Beads Bracelet


This bracelet is out of this world!
  • This unisex handmade solar system bracelet has a very creative design whereby you are the sun and all the planets revolve around you!
  • The Eight Planets Stones Include:
    • Neptune - Lapis Lazuli
    • Uranus - Aquamarine
    • Saturn - Labradorite
    • Jupiter - Tiger Eye Stone
    • Mars - Red Agate
    • Earth - Blue Emperor Stone
    • Moon - Opal
    • Venus - Gold Foil Bead
    • Mercury - White Jade
  • The bracelet has two styles - one is with elastic string and the other is braided with wax rope. The wax rope braided bracelet is adjustable, its minimum size is 6.2 inches, the maximum size is 9.5 inches. The elastic string bracelet inner length is 6.25 inches. Suitable for most people.


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