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5D Diamond Painting Pen - Bling It On!

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This amazing 5D Diamond Painting Pen can be used to apply crystals or rhinestones to jewelry, shoes, purses, glassware and virtually anything else you choose.  Works on nails and toenails too!

Craft glue required to fix the crystals or rhinestones to items.

Main Features

- Holds up to 70 Stones: apply up to 70 of these at once, without going back and collecting more.

- Crystals: variety of sizes and colors crystals, use a mixture of different ones together.

You will be amazed how addictive this is - get creative and bling it on everything!

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery


1. Load the pen:  dump some of the rhinestones onto a flat surface, hold the tip of your applicator tool over a single rhinestone and press down on the tool to pick the stone up.

2. Apply Craft Glue To Object:  to transfer a rhinestone to an object, you'll first need to apply a bit of craft glue (any type) to that object, which could be a shoe, a handbag or something else.

3. Release Rhinestone:  holding your applicator tool directly yet gently against the spot, press down on the applicator to release that rhinestone.  It will stick to the glue spot you've applied.

4. Continue Process:  continue the process just described with other rhinestones. It's fine if you want to collect a bunch of rhinestones in your applicator tool and then apply them all at once.

5. Holds Up To 70 Stones:  each applicator tool will hold up to 70 crystals and/or rhinestones in its center section.  That means you'll be able to apply up to 70 of these at once.